Make an informed decision about your future.

Thinking about career possibilities can be overwhelming, and it’s hard to know what you enjoy without getting experience. We provide courses and real-world opportunities to help students fully understand their options.

We created GLCA because we understand that choosing a career path is complicated. We help students every day to find programs they enjoy—to help them make informed decisions about the future.

When students are empowered with career-based knowledge to help them understand and explore their options, they can more confidently make decisions that direct them to a successful future and a fulfilling career.

Other programs may not offer experience-based learning early in their courses, which means you might not realize what your ideal career is (or isn’t) until later on. We’ll guide you through your options from day one, so you can discover your unique path.

Take a look at our pathways and talk to a counselor about your interests to get started.


Eligibility Statement

Greater Lafayette Career Academy programs are available to grade 11 and grade 12 students who attend the following Indiana high schools: Harrison, Jefferson, McCutcheon, Tippecanoe Online Academy, and West Lafayette. Home school and private school students who live within the boundaries of our sending school districts are also eligible to apply to Greater Lafayette Career Academy. Lastly, students from outside the Greater Lafayette Career Academy sending school districts are able to apply for seats that remain open after the Greater Lafayette Career Academy enrollment process concludes if their superintendent and Greater Lafayette Career Academy enter into a specified agreement.

Greater Lafayette Career Academy Career Programs are often at capacity, so enrollment is competitive. Enrollment requests are scored using objective data such as attendance, behaviors, credits toward diploma completion, Grade Point Average (GPA), and prior course enrollments.

Please note that each Greater Lafayette Career Academy program page, found at, provides prerequisite requirements and Academic Standards for Success. These standards were developed using input from licensed program instructors, employer partners, postsecondary partners, and the Indiana Department of Education’s Content Area Standards for Literacy in Science and Technical Subjects. Student readiness to participate is crucial for program enjoyment and success because program pacing and assessments are aligned with the elevated standards of university partners, industry-recognized credentials, and employer expectations.

Due to academic and safety considerations in Greater Lafayette Career Academy programs, Greater Lafayette Career Academy holds the final determination of enrollment.