Welding Technology

Course Overview

Principles of Welding Technology includes classroom and laboratory experiences that develop a variety of skills in oxy-fuel cutting and basic welding. This course is designed for individuals who intend to make a career as a Welder, Technician, Designer, Researcher, or Engineer. Emphasis is placed on safety at all times. OSHA standards and guidelines endorsed by the American Welding Society (AWS) are used. Instructional activities emphasize properties of metals, safety issues, blueprint reading, electrical principles, welding symbols, and mechanical drawing through projects and exercises that teach students how to weld and be prepared for postsecondary and career success. Shielded Metal Arc Welding involves the theory and application of the Shielded Metal Arc Welding process. Process theory will include basic electricity, power sources, electrode selection, and all aspects pertaining to equipment operation and maintenance. Laboratory welds will be performed in basic weld joints with a variety of electrodes in the flat, horizontal and vertical positions. Emphasis will be placed on developing the basic skills necessary to comply with AWS industry standards. Gas Welding Processes is designed to cover the operation of Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) equipment. This will include all settings, adjustments and maintenance needed to weld with a wire feed system. Instruction on both short-arc and spray-arc transfer methods will be covered. Tee, lap, and open groove joints will be done in all positions with solid, fluxcore, and aluminum wire. Test plates will be made for progress evaluation. Schools may choose to offer the course as a comprehensive MIG Welding course or a combination of introductory MIG and TIG Welding operations

Ivy Tech Dual College Credit Available

Course College Credits Prerequisite(s) Other
WELD 100 Oxy-Acetylene Welding 3 None Qualifies for Technical Honors Diploma Priority Dual Credit
WELD 108 Shielded Metal Arc Welding I 3 None Qualifies for Technical Honors Diploma Priority Dual Credit
WELD 207 Gas Metal Arc (MIG) Welding 3 None Qualifies for Technical Honors Diploma Priority Dual Credit


Concentrator Star

DOE Code


Recommended Grade Level

11, 12

Required  Prerequisite


High School Credits

  • 2 semester course
  • 2 semesters required
  • 1 credit per semester
  • 2 credits maximum for each course
    • 7110  Principles of Welding Technology
    • 7111  Shielded Metal Arc Welding 
    • 7101 Gas Welding Processes 

Counts as a Directed Elective or Elective for all diplomas