T.E.A.L. Manufacturing (NLPS)

Course Overview

T.E.A.L. Manufacturing  Domains include safety and impact, manufacturing essentials, lean manufacturing, design principles, and careers in advanced manufacturing. Hands-on projects and team activities will allow students to apply learning on the latest industry technologies. Work-based learning experiences and industry partnerships are highly encouraged for an authentic industry experience.  Advanced Manufacturing Technology introduces manufacturing processes and practices used in manufacturing environments. The course also covers key electrical principles, including current, voltage, resistance, power, inductance, capacitance, and transformers, along with basic mechanical and fluid power principles. Topics include, types of production, production materials, machining and tooling, manufacturing planning, production control, and product distribution will be covered. Students will be expected to understand the product life cycle from conception through distribution. This course also focuses on technologies used in production processes. Basic power systems, energy transfer systems, machine operation and control will be explored. This course will use lecture, lab, online simulation and programming to prepare students for Certified Production Technician Testing through Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC). Industrial Mechanical Fundamentals introduces students to fundamental Welding and Machining skills. Students will be introduced to basic skills in welding, cutting and brazing, and machine tooling that are applicable in a wide variety of trade professions. Specifically, students will learn safe practices in oxy-fuel and Arc welding processes along with experience in using turning, milling, and grinding applications. 

Ivy Tech Dual College Credits Available

Course College Credits Prerequisite(s) Other
CIMT 100 - Electronics for Automation 3   Qualifies for THD Priority Dual Credit
CIMT 100L - Electronics for Automation Laboratory 3   Qualifies for THD Priority Dual Credit



DOE Course


Recommended Grade Level

11, 12

Recommended Prerequisite

Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing

High School Credits

  • 2 semester course
  • 2 semesters required
  • 1 credit per semester
  • 2 credits maximum for each course
    • 0120 Principles of Advanced Manufacturing
    • 0121 Advanced Manufacturing Technology 
    • 0122 Industrial Mechanical Fundamentals

Additional Information

Counts as a Directed Elective or Elective for all diplomas

Course Fees