Course Overview

Principles of Entrepreneurship focuses on students learning about their own strengths, character and skills and how their unique abilities can apply to entrepreneurship, as well as how an entrepreneurial mindset can serve them regardless of their career path. Students will learn about the local, regional and state resources and will begin to understand and apply the entrepreneurial process. The course helps students to identify and evaluate business ideas while learning the steps and competencies required to launch a successful new venture. The course helps students apply what they have learned from the content when they write a Personal Vision Statement, a Business Concept Statement, and an Elevator Pitch.

Entrepreneurial Marketing and Management is targeted to students interested in creating and growing their own businesses. The course will focus on key marketing strategies particularly relevant for new ventures. Students will apply marketing concepts to entrepreneurial company challenges, which include creating and nurturing relationships with new customers, suppliers, distributors, employees and investors; and understand the special challenges and opportunities involved in developing marketing strategies "from the ground up."

Small Business Operation  will help students identify and evaluate the various sources available for funding a new enterprise; demonstrate an understanding of financial terminology; read, prepare, and analyze basic financial statements; estimating capital requirements and risk, exit strategies; and prepare a budget for their business, including taxes and personnel costs. In addition, the student should be able to explain the importance of working capital and cash management. The student should also be able to identify financing needs, and prepare sales forecasts.

Ivy Tech Dual College Credits Available

Course College Credits Prerequisite(s) Other
ENTR 100 Entrepreneurial Foundations 5 GPA or Knowledge Assessment, including Math Qualifies for Technical Honors Diploma Priority Dual Credit
ENTR 200 Entrepreneurial Mindset and Awareness 5 ENTR 100 Qualifies for Technical Honors Diploma Priority Dual Credit
ENTR 215 New Venture Development 6 ENTR 200 Qualifies for Technical Honors Diploma Priority Dual Credit


Concentrator Star


DOE Course


Recommended Grade Level

11 or 12

Required Prerequisite


High School Credits

  • 2 semester course
  • 2 semesters required
  • 2 credits per course
  • 6 credit maximum
    • 7154 Principles of Entrepreneurship
    • 7148 New Venture Development
    • 7147 Small Business Operation