Engineering Design & Development & Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA/EDD - PLTW)

Course Overview

Civil Engineering and Architecture introduces students to the fundamental design and development aspects of civil engineering and architectural planning activities. Application and design principles will be used in conjunction with mathematical and scientific knowledge. Computer software programs should allow students opportunities to design, simulate, and evaluate the construction of buildings and communities. During the planning and design phases, instructional emphasis should be placed on related transportation, water resources, and environmental issues. Activities should include the preparation of cost estimates as well as a review of regulatory procedures that would affect the project design.

Engineering Design and Development is an engineering research course in which students work in teams to research, design, test, and construct a solution to an open-ended engineering problem. The product development life cycle and a design process are used to guide the team to reach a solution to the problem. The team and/or individual(s)communicates their solution to a panel of stakeholders at the conclusion of the course. As the capstone course in the Engineering Pathway, EDD engages students in critical thinking, problem-solving, time management, and teamwork skills.

Ivy Tech Dual College Credits Available

Course College Credits Prerequisite(s) Other
DESN 105 Architectural Design I 3 DESN 101 Qualifies for Technical Honors Diploma Priority Dual Credit


DOE Course


Recommended Grade Level


Required Prerequisite

Principles of Engineering

High School Credits

  • 2 semester course
  • 2 semesters required
    • 5650 Civil Engineering and Architecture
    • 5698 Engineering Design and Development (4 credits)