Emergency Medical Technician

Course Overview

This  program prepares students to work as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in a variety of environments. Those environments include but are not limited to; 911 emergency care, inter-facility transportation, emergency rooms, doctor’s offices and more. Students will learn to appropriately access patients, assess conditions, formulate a plan of action and administer the proper care using the appropriate equipment/medications per protocol.  Additionally, this course covers personal safety, human anatomy and physiology, legal and ethical issues, incident management, hazardous materials recognition, emergency vehicle operation, and much more. 
The course also requires laboratory practice and clinical observation. Labs will be conducted regularly and students will gain additional experience in clinical observations in the emergency room and riding along with Tippecanoe Emergency Ambulance Service. Successful completion of the course will allow the student to sit for testing with the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT). Successful certification with NREMT will allow the student to receive an EMT license/certification in most US states and all branches of the military.

Ivy Tech Dual College Credits Available

Course College Credits Prerequisite(s) Other
HLHS 100      
HLHS 104      
HLHS 101      
HLHS 102      
PARM 102 Emergency Medical Technician Basic Training 7.5 Accuplacer Qualifies for THD Priority Dual Credit







Industry Certification Available

  • National EMT Certification

DOE Course


Required Grade Level


Recommended Prerequisite

Fire & Rescue I

High School Credits

  • 2 semester course
  • 2 semesters required
  • 1 credit per semester
  • 2 credits maximum for each course
    • 7168 Principles of Healthcare
    • 5274 Medical Terminology
    • 7165 Emergency Medical Tech 

Counts as a Directed Elective or Elective for all diplomas

Class Location

Franciscan Health Lafayette Central