2020 Teacher of the Year spreads seeds of hope
Sue Scott

2020 Indiana Teacher of the Year Katie Pourcho made stops in TSC schools to inspire future educators and support two art teachers in the early years of their careers.

The Indianapolis-based art teacher shared her message ‘Seeds of Hope’ to more than 50 education students at the Greater Lafayette Career Academy.

“So often when we picture our plans for the future, we picture the glorious bloom of our hopes,” says Katie Pourcho. “I want to encourage students to consider the roots, stem and branches of their journey ahead.”

“When we are art teachers who make art in home studios, English teachers who draft poetry, and biology teachers who plant gardens, we show our students that a career in education can fuel a robust and joyful life,” Pourcho says. “I want my students to see that I am a better art teacher because I make art, and I am a better artist because I teach.”

Earlier in the day, Pourcho stopped by Hershey Elementary School to meet with teacher Aleena Popp. “So often I just go throughout my weeks going over ideas or plans in my head for what I think I should try or improve on, so having her stop by to bounce ideas off of was helpful,” says Popp. “I'm happy to have met a fellow art educator who so clearly has insight and passion for teaching art to the next generation.”

Pourcho also stopped in Kimber Keener’s class at Wea Ridge Elementary School. Keener says she is already implementing some ideas Pourcho had to help her class run effectively and smoothly: “To have another teacher, especially an art teacher, give their advice and successes out to me is so invaluable.”

“Listening to Katie interact with our young art teachers was inspiring as she met them where they are and encouraged them so much,” says TSC SEEDS Director Kathy Nimmer. The SEEDS program supports teachers who are new to the district.

Pourcho presents to education students
Pourcho visits with teacher Kimber Keener at WRE